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Expedite DNA Testing can meet all your needs and testing requirements, giving you solutions and answers in a way that is problem-free. We offer a broad range of DNA testing, paternity testing, health testing and DNA ancestry services designed to provide you with clear answers to emotional questions. Whether you seek to establish paternity, prove siblingship or research genealogy, for legal or peace of mind purposes, we can help. Using state of the art technology offered by an internationally accredited laboratory, which we have vetted for their professional standards and track record, we are able to provide you with conclusive evidence on time, every time, professionally and confidentially.

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We provide 100% accurate and incredibly proffesional services.


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Fully Accredited

The laboratories that test your samples hold internationally recognized accreditations, including ISO 17025 and the UK Ministry of Justice. These ensure laboratories operate at a consistently high standard, which enables us to provide a service that is of the highest quality, and that is 99.99% accurate.

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To assist you in your journey, and make the DNA testing process as smooth as possible, we have a team of helpful and highly skilled customer service representatives ready to provide you with the guidance and help you need in every step along the way.

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We understand that DNA testing is a sensitive issue, and we treat it as such. We at International Biosciences treat your DNA samples and tests with the utmost confidentiality and privacy. It is our duty to provide a process that is stress-free and ensures peace of mind.


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DNA paternity testing determines the biological father of a child. We all inherit our DNA from our biological parents - half from our mother and half from our father.

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Legal DNA tests are used in a variety of legal scenarios. For a DNA test to be valid for court, a strict chain or custody must be maintained.

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The test can be performed as early as the 8th week of pregnancy, meaning you can choose to confirm who the father is nearly immediately after your pregnancy is confirmed.

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This type of testing is performed within a specific family and relatives.

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Most Immigration departments and services recommend DNA testing to prove biological relationships for many who have submitted applications for their loved one to join them abroad.

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About 60% of individuals in a relationship are engaging in infidelity at some point. Cheating is real and happening on daily basis. Put your suspicions to rest with our state of the art infidelity DNA test.

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This comes as a result of law enforcement iniave, for example where there is a need to idenfy the individual responsible or alleged for crime or human remains through DNA tesng which is a more reliable form of evidence.

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Our tests can be invaluable for assuring a long healthy life for your pet and any future litters, as well as providing a scientifically backed pedigree.

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Clients Testimonials

Why Partenity Testing ?

Our legal paternity tests can settle family law matters, such as child support, child custody, visitation disputes, inheritance issues, and to satisfy immigration requirements. A strict chain of custody ensures samples remain in compliance for all legal requirements.

Why Family DNA Testing ?

The DNA sample for a peace of mind paternity test can be collected in your home. By following the simple instructions provided with the collection kit, you can easily acquire the needed genetic material and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the truth.

Why Ancestry DNA Test ?

It goes deep into your family roots and discover what countries, cities or islands your ancestors hailed from. This test is ideal for unraveling your family heritage.


EXPEDITE DNA ZIMBABWE strives to sasfy and exceed the expectaons of the customer in quality and value; to achieve this objecve the following becomes essenal: Accredited tesng and results-Our technical medical teams ensure that all tesng procedures strictly follow regulated SOPs, ISO 17025, A2L, NATA and AABB Standards. Time adherence-EXPEDITE DNA ZIMBABWE ensures that we meet spulated me frames given to the clients for all our promises and services. This is our defining factor as an efficient and dependable service provider.

We have ensured that our business is established utilising the highest ethical standards both professionally and morally.


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